We had a brunch on Sunday :-)

Do you get stressed out when you have people over for a meal?  I hate to admit this, but I do!  No matter how much I tell myself to relax and just enjoy the idea of having guests around, I can’t help worrying about stupid things… “will our place be tidy?” is high on my list of worries – followed closely by “will there be enough food?” and “will the food taste nice?”!

Anyway – I’m always looking for things to make for when I have people around that are easy, can be prepared ahead, and of course, are gluten free.  The more I can prepare ahead, the more relaxed I am and the more I can enjoy having people around!

So, on Sunday, we had some family over for our son’s 7th birthday and with all the above in mind, I decided to make a brunch.  I thought it would be perfect because I could prepare most of the stuff ahead, lay it on the table and just let everyone help themselves. 

I am happy to report that it was a great success and I was, indeed, quite relaxed and able to enjoy our time together.  The children loved almost everything, even though there were green things on the table 😉  This makes me want to share the recipes with you all, so you can try them out and enjoy them too. 

Here is what I had on the table: 

and for dessert:

My sister was the one to make the guacamole and houmous, but I will share the other recipes with you on the site this week, I promise 🙂

Do you like brunches?  If you do, what is your favourite brunch food?  Feel free to comment if you want to!

Have a happy week 🙂


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