Happy Easter!

Easter 2019

I just wanted to drop by and wish you all a happy Easter today!

In the part of the world where we live, the tradition is to give the children chocolate bunnies on Easter morning – thank goodness, chocolate is naturally gluten free (though you must make sure to check the ingredients, just in case they added some flour of some sort), so today these are the little bunnies our kids received today.

For lunch, we are invited to my sister’s.  We decided to eat a fondue – I’m sure you heard of it, it’s a traditional Swiss dish which consists of a huge pot of melting cheese that you eat with bread.  This is absolutely NOT a traditional Easter day meal – but we all felt like fondue so we thought – “why not”?!

I’ve been super busy in the kitchen this morning: I woke up early and made a loaf of gluten free cider bread for those of us in the family who can’t eat gluten – we’ll have a separate pot to make sure we don’t get contaminated by the other “real” bread being dipped into the cheese.

Then, because we are going to church tonight and there will be a pot luck meal, I have baked a gluten free ham and olive cake and two apple pies to share.

And finally, as my sister is inviting us over, I wanted to bring her a little thank you present, so I made a pot of homemade chocolate spread – aka homemade “nutella”.  I’ll post the recipe for that tomorrow – it’s so easy to make, delicious, gluten free, and way healthier than “real” nutella.

Better get all those goodies packed and hit the road – my stomach is rumbling, I haven’t eaten anything yet!!

Have a lovely day 🙂


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